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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Murphy's Law

It never fails. We take a trip and something "exciting" happens 😂😱😫

We are having fun visiting with Jason's mom, aunt, sister and her friend in Orlando and decided Sunday afternoon to stay until Wednesday instead of leaving today.

Since Legoland has homeschool days when they offer low ticket prices to homeschoolers, we took the boys yesterday as planned. They had a blast, and while I wouldn't pay full price for tickets, or plan a trip just to go there, it was fun.

The excitement started when we were heading back to our hotel in Orlando and our mini-van took a crap at a stoplight on a super busy road! Super thankful to the police officer and truck driver who helped move our van and the pizza delivery guy who brought us food in the bank parking lot, jumped our van and even offered us a ride after his shift!  Also for our family for coming to the rescue and following us back to our hotel, and the mobile mechanics who took a look and gave us a recommendation for an auto repair shop.

This morning started with checking out of our (first) hotel, renting a van and dropping ours at the shop. Since it was a somewhat last-minute decision to stay an extra night we were unable to get a room at our original hotel and had to book a different one. At least it's the same one as my MIL! 😀

Now to spend the afternoon swimming and just being.