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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Words, words and more words

In honor of March being National Reading Month and Dr. Suess' birthday tomorrow, we plan to do a lot of reading this month. Usually the boys' school has some type of reading program or activity for the month of March. Alex always has a set amount of days and minutes to read each month (minimum of 20 mins a day for 20+ days, and he has to fill in a calendar with book and pages read with a parent initialing each day).

Our goal is to each spend at least 30 minutes a day reading, with no set amount of books. I'd also like to go to the library to find some new books to check out. The school also has their Spring Scholastic Book Fair this month, and I'm volunteering just like every year.

  1. Read 60 minutes of my own book plus 20 minutes to Jackson each day.
  2. Spend at least 1 hour deep-cleaning the house M-F (not just straightening up).
  3. Write a daily blog post
  4. 64oz of water.
  5. 2 episodes from my list of DVR'd shows max M-F and 3 hours TV Saturday and Sunday.
  6. Take (or have Jason take) all the boxes/bags to donation center.
  7. Box up and deliver all baby stuff to A & J, before baby shower.
  1. Read 30 minutes every day of the month.
  2. 2 hours maximum "screen time" (TV shows and videos on the Kindle) each day M-F after homework and reading.
  3. Play video games only on Saturdays and Sundays.
  4. Write a blog post about any topic he's interested in.
  5. Read an autobiography or biography and write a report.
  6. Do own laundry with minimal assistance from Mom.
  7. Bake cookies.
  8. Plan a dinner menu and cook it with help from Mom or Dad.
  1. Cub Scout goals.
    • Traveler badge
      • Geography belt loop
      • Map & Compass belt loop
    • Family Member badge
    • Aquanaut badge? This is a possibility if we can sign up for a local activity.
    • Finish Pinewood Derby Car
    • Nutrition belt loop
    • Family travel belt loop
  2. Read 30 minutes every day of the month.
  3. 2 hours maximum of "screen time" (TV shows or videos on the Kindle) each day M-F after homework and reading.
  4. Play video games only on Saturday and Sunday.
  5. Write a blog post.
  6. Do own laundry with minimal assistance from Mom.
  7. Plan a dinner and cook it with help from Mom and Dad.
  1. Potty training. Progress, not perfection.
  2. Coloring activity.
  3. Paint a picture.
  4. Choi classes 3 days a week (his classes are 30 minutes long, and with how much he loves it, we are continuing at least through May.)
  1. 30-60 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week - the older boys decided to take off a month or two from Choi.
  2. 2 family outings.
  3. Four new recipes.
  4. Go to a museum.
  5. Go to the library twice.
  6. Visit a new park (weather permitting).
  7. Tech-free days at least bi-weekly.

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