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Monday, August 10, 2015

The first week in pictures

The nearby park, swimming lagoon and in the background Biscayne Bay. Our view at dinner.

A little friend (lizard) that made me jump out of my socks the second day in the house!

Alex and Jackson looking for lizards, butterflies and who knows what else.

Lizard in our yard

Movie night in the new house

Jackson digging in the sand at our first homeschool group beach day 7/10

Ethan and Alex at the playground in our neighborhood

Jackson on the playground

Jason and Jackson playing on a police car playset at the playground

Alex climbed the tree (with a little boost from dad)

Family game night
It was a pretty fun first week, getting settled in and making some new friends on that first Friday. We met up with a small group of moms and their kids from the homeschool group at the beach/swimming lagoon, where we played for a couple of hours. I could tell from the moment we met how laid back and nice they were. That's always a good thing!

More pictures and another post about the rest of our first month coming soon!

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