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Sunday, August 13, 2017

My problem-solver husband

Just need to share this:

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new, larger whiteboard for our school room. Jason had to travel two weeks (5 days gone, 2 days home, 4 days gone) in a row for work. Due to that fact, we finally got an opportunity to hang it yesterday. In the process of removing the packaging, it was discovered that a piece of double-sided tape was on the surface of the board near the center. I attempyed to carefully remove it but it ultimately tore some of the surface off. We returned it immediately to the office supply store, the only one within a twenty minute drive. Of course, they didn't have any of the 36"×48" in stock, only the 24"×36" like we have. So we left empty-handed. Jason and I looked online yesterday for other options. However, I quickly gave up, figuring we'd just use the smaller one for now and replace it eventually.

After a rough night for me (stomach bug), I was still not feeling well so the boys and I stayed home from church. When Jason woke up, he gave the dog a bath, Jackson a shower - because what 5 year old wants a bath... - and proceeded to look through the fridge to determine tonight's dinner. Seriously the best help ever! (Leftovers, by the way.) Then he spent the next hour or so researching and trying to locate a whiteboard, even asking me stuff and making suggestions. After searching, he proceeded to call another branch of the office supply store to verify they have one of that size in stock. He is currently driving 30 minutes each way via the turnpike to get a new whiteboard for the wall of our school room so we can start our year tomorrow as planned right. 😍

Sometimes, he drives me crazy trying to "fix" my problems when all I need in the moment is to complain and rant. But today? I needed exactly what he did. And you know what? I think by him being able to fix this for me and help me so much, he was able to show me he loves me in the way HE needs to show it. I tend to forget that. I sure do love that man!