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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mini-vacation for the Hamers

Finally made plans to go to Michigan Adventure! E won 2 tickets at the charter school spelling bee back in Feb/Mar(?), and we've been waiting for a good time to go. It's all the way on the other side of the state though, and with 3 young boys, it's not ideal for a day trip. So our plan includes a 2 night cabin rental at the nearby KOA in Allentown, MI, and Tues/Wed/Thurs mini-vacation.

Jason starts back to school August 19th and is taking two classes, one on Mondays and one of Fridays.

So we decided to go the 20th-23rd. Even though Jackson, and by default, myself, won't be able to ride many rides - there are a few things he can go on and some of the water park stuff he's able to do - I think it will end up being a good time. We had fun last year, and Jack couldn't do anything as he was barely 7 months old!

We wanted to take Julie's 2 older boys with us, but the timing wasn't right and while my boys are disappointed that they won't have their "best friends" with them, they are super-excited to go.

Jason found a 2 bedroom cabin/mobile home available those 2 nights/3 days at the KOA about 45 minutes from Michigan Adventure. I had hoped we'd be able to go the weekend right before as their hours are longer (11am - 10pm) on Saturday the 17th, and the week we are going they are only open from 11am - 8pm.

Tentatively, our plan is to leave first thing Tuesday morning, drive over there, find something fun to do, and spend the night. Wednesday, after breakfast, we will head up to the amusement/water park and spend all day there, riding rides, going swimming and going on water slides (the best water slides ever!!) and eating "junk food" <--- not my favorite thing, but you can't bring your own food in the park. As they open so late (compared to say, Cedar Point in Ohio), it would be silly to leave or go to the parking lot at lunch to eat, and they offer a bbq buffet at dinner time for a good price. Plus it's a treat :) Thursday, we are going to get up, hang out until check out time and then drive towards home. Since it's across the state, we are thinking maybe we can find something - or maybe a few things? - to see or do on the way home. After all, Jason doesn't have to work till Friday, and we aren't in a rush to get home.

I'm hoping to blog from the road, or while we're there and share our fun! Definitely hoping to share some pics from my phone on the FB page (and/or my private page).