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Monday, July 29, 2013

On this day...

11 years ago, at 8:31 am, a beautiful blue-eyed baby boy was born, weighing just 6 lbs 5.5oz.

It had been a somewhat long labor, starting the previous day, and had some stressful moments. At one point, the baby's heart rate had dropped low, and the obstetrician - whom this mom chose to never see again after her horrible bedside manner!! - suggested if the mom didn't "hurry up and push this baby out, we WILL be doing a c-section." (She also ripped the blanket off of me several times, even though the nurse kept covering me back up since I was very visibly cold in a very cold hospital room - it was July but the a/c was on full-blast! - and she made other rude comments to myself and Jason...) While there is nothing wrong with having a c-section, this young - just barely 21 at the time - first time mom KNEW she could do this! Within the half hour, a little blue baby with the cord wrapped around his neck twice was born. The dr removed and cut the cord immediately and got the baby screaming and pink within seconds.

Today, that tiny, little boy is growing up into a fine young man.

My son Ethan, with all his little quirks and particular ways about him, is such a blessing. I couldn't ask for a better big brother for his 2 younger brothers, Alex and Jackson. Not only is he highly intelligent and advanced in school, breezing through most subjects, but he is funny, sweet and oh so loving. We've gone through some scares with him, first his ventricular septal defect, diagnosed at just 2 days old, then not knowing why he wasn't speaking at 18 months. We've had ups - moving from 1st to second grade early, winning the school and district spelling bee in 5th grade, winning the school bee and coming in 2nd to an 8th grader/previous winner in the district bee in 6th, learning to ride a bike with two wheels and tie his shoes, and maturing so much after his youngest brother was born a year and a half ago - and downs - struggling with frustrations, anxiety, and meltdowns at school due to his Asperger's/Autism diagnosis, lack of social skills and understanding certain social cues and sarcasm and remembering simple day-to-day things. It's definitely been a journey. One that I wouldn't change for the world.

Ethan, we are so blessed to have you as our son (and brother!). Thank you for being you, and I can't wait to see what you become as you grow and eventually reach adulthood.

Happy Eleventh Birthday, to our oldest son. I hope you have an amazing day. We love you to the moon and back!!