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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You know you're tired when...

  • You wake up at 7:02am (after waking several times before that, including almost exactly one hour ago, and plan to just "rest your eyes for 5 more minutes") and you have to leave to drive your children to school by 7:20.
  • You almost forget to wake the youngest child in time, who's only 21months and thankfully doesn't need to get dressed or eat breakfast before we leave, despite the fact that when you woke up he was cuddled up in your arms in the bed...
  • You forget at least 5 times that it's only Wednesday October 30th.
  • Even though you finally remembered it's only Wednesday, as you are driving home after dropping 2 older children off, you STILL remember there are juice boxes and sprinkles in the back of the van and think the 8 year needs them for his classroom Halloween party. Which is tomorrow. Not today.
  • When leaving school, you turn right out of the parking lot. And don't realize you've gone the wrong way until you reach the end of the road, almost 6 miles North of where you were. At 32 Mile rd. When you should have taken a left. And THEN a right. And have to go 9 1/2 miles South now instead of 3 1/2. Not too mention you went North instead of West. And you've driven this route every school day for the last 4 years and now 2 months... 
  •  You've been home for over 2 hours and forget to let the dog out, even though you've seen him, petted him and made sure the oldest boy fed him before school.

Yeah, I actually made myself a pot of coffee today. I don't do that on weekdays, at least not often. I'm going back to bed ;)