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Sunday, December 7, 2014

365 Happy Days Growing: Nov 30 - Dec 6, 2014

Looking back at week one, for all those not on Facebook or Instagram (Mom...)

First a quick little explanation in case you aren't sure what this is. Earlier this year, I found a site called 100 Happy Days and proceeded to take their challenge. It really helped my perspective not only on what's important, but also that no matter how bad my day goes, there's always at least one little (or big) thing that makes me smile or happy each day.

This prompted me to make an enhanced...adapted...whatever you want to call it, challenge. 365 days, with a picture of something that makes me happy that day. Truth and honesty comes to light on the bad days (i.e. day 6), and even though our life isn't perfect, I know that at least something will go right most - all? - days. By documenting it, it makes me step back in the moment each day to find it and truly see it, and then in the future, I can look back when I need a reminder.

Without further ado: My #365happydaysgrowing

November 30: A dove

On the first day of Advent this year, Ethan received a dove necklace at Mass, during his Rite of Acceptance. He's in Confirmation classes this year and next, and this is the "official" start of the process. The necklace is a symbol to remind him of the process and for others to remember to pray for him during the next 2 years.

December 1: Advent calendar

Our awesome neighbor brought each of the boys an Advent calendar, and they were very excited to open the first window today. It had been a rough day for all of us, between the boys fighting and mom yelling, so seeing their big smiles really made my day.

December 2: #dressember

Day 3 was so much more than just wearing a dress. I'm wearing a dress each day in December (I actually missed December 1st) for something called Dressember which is working with International Justice Mission to raise money and awareness to end human trafficking around the world. My happy came from being able to wear whatever I choose, being able to live my life as I wish and the fact that I'm free.

I forgot to move Finn, and Jason was awesome and moved him for me. The happy moment was the fact that I know I can always count on Jason, that he'll always step up when I need him to, and he's always there to support, even in the little things like moving a silly elf and playing a little prank.

December 4: All smiles
Just that cute smile, and the kid who's face it is on. He always has a way to make everybody around him laugh.

December 5: Bedtime!

What a long day today was. My bed was sure a welcome sight at the end of it.

December 6: My little King
Alex decided to sign up to be in the children's performance of the Nativity Story at our parish at Christmas Eve Mass. We were getting ready to go the first practice for the children's choir. He's one of the 3 kings, and while they won't be saying lines (there's a narrator telling the story) he will act out the part, and sing several songs.

By the way, if you are interested in joining in, just make sure to tag your pictures with #365happydaysgrowing so we can all see your happy moments! More next week.

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