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Monday, December 29, 2014

365 Happy Days: Weeks 2, 3 and 4 - December 7 through 27

I knew there was something I was forgetting to do! I've been sharing daily on Instagram, as well as the blog's facebook page, but haven't been writing a week-in-review post. Sorry about that!

So, without further ado:

Week 2:

Day 8: Dec 7th DONUTS!

The boys were all eating breakfast together with no complaining and no arguing. Pumpkin donuts save the day! ;)

Day 9: Reading together

 It was a long day of school, choi kwan do class and homework. They decided to sit and read a book together about Sitting Bull (Alex's book for his book report)

Day 10: Reese's cups

A little something sweet to put a smile on my face. Probably one of my favorite candies.

Day 11: Pancakes!
Day 11: The husband making the pancakes
Jason came home from work, and cooked the homemade whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. Teamwork! I prepped the batter, made from scratch, and he cooked awesome, perfectly done pancakes for everybody. And then he went to his college classes! Talk about an awesome husband and dad. He's a busy, busy man. We love him so much!

Day 12: Crossword puzzles

A quick puzzle before bed. I ended up falling asleep trying to do one though!

Day 13: Snuggles

 Cuddles (or snuggles as he calls it now) with this little guy. He was out pretty quick. That was definitely my cue to put him in his room/bed and head to mine.

Day 14: Brothers sharing and learning

Our oldest giving our youngest a tour of our church. There are statues of Jesus, Mary with Jesus, and Saint Francis (one of our parish's patron saints). Here Jackson was asking who that was, and Ethan told him it is baby Jesus with his mom Mary. Jackson said "oh! ok. Hi, Jesus and Mary!".

Week 3:

Day 15: Dec 14 Daddy and Son time

Cuddling and watching a little TV before bedtime. Jackson was talking his ear off, telling him all about something, and sharing his snack crackers with daddy. 

Day 16: chocolate in the best forms ;)

Chocolate chip frappe (yes, a frozen coffee in December in Michigan.) and a double chocolate muffin.

Day 17: family movie

Watching a new-to-us movie called Tangerine Bear.

Day 18: hard at work

 Our middle son, Alex, working diligently on his homework even though it was past his bedtime. He had to read a biography or autobiography, make a timeline and give an oral book report. It was due the following day. The book was long and he didn't anticipate the time needed to finish it and the timeline. It took a month to read the book, and he did the timeline in one night. While I'm proud of him for finishing, and he ended up with a B on the report, we discussed better planning and time-use.

Day 19: Christmas cards

Sending out some Christmas love

Day 20: Date night!

My handsome husband and I got a babysitter on the evening before his birthday. We went out to dinner and then did some Christmas shopping. He makes me very happy. We had such a wonderful few hours, just the two of us. Laughing, sharing some great food, and just talking about stuff. Definitely need to do this more often.

Day 21: New calendar

I love these large-grid planning calendars. There's enough lines for each of us to have a spot to put our activities each month and keep it organized. I also got a great deal on it!

Week 4:

Day 22: Dec 21 Books to donate
Finally took some time to go through all the books the boys own. We moved a ton to Jackson's room, and straightened the 3 shelves on the bookcase in Ethan and Alex's room. There is still a stack on top of it but a lot smaller now. (Time for a taller bookcase!) These 2 stacks are books they didn't want anymore, either because they've read once and don't want to re-read, because they started and didn't enjoy enough to even finish or they are for younger children/lower reading levels. They will be donated to their school as they are all still in good shape - some practically brand new - and age-appropriate for elementary.

Day 23: Littlest Dragon

Jackson has patiently stood on the side lines at Choi, watching his brothers 3 times a week for the last 4 1/2 months, waiting for the chance to jump in. He finally got to start Little Dragons. Classes are 2 days a week for 30 mins and he absolutely loves it!

Day 24: Awesome savings!

I saved up all of my rewards at Meijer and had $68 worth of rewards to use towards my total purchase. Combined with a coupon for $50 off of a $59.99 video game with purchase of game and Xbox 360 and buy one get one 40% off sale on video games, I bought an Xbox 360 and 2 new games for under $150! Not a bad deal.

Day 25: Presents all wrapped and waiting

All the presents for the boys, Jason and I waiting under the tree for Christmas morning.

Day 26: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!!

Day 27: Yoga DVDs

One of my great gifts this year! I had asked Jason for a yoga DVD and he got me a set of 2! I plan to start them this week. I didn't even know I like yoga until I attended my friend Stef's yoga class a couple of months ago.

Day 28: Family time
We spent Christmas Day with Jason's family (no pictures because my phone died!) and Saturday with my family. Both days turned out pretty darn great!
In this picture from Saturday, you can see our youngest, Jackson in the very back, my mom standing on the far right, 2 of my nieces sitting on the couch, my second oldest nephew Jeremy sitting on my niece, and his fiance Anna on the floor. Jeremy and Anna shared with us on Thanksgiving that they are expecting their first child. They revealed on Saturday that it's a BOY! My first great-nephew, due in early May.

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