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Monday, April 29, 2013

This last week has been, wow, just a little off! Last Sunday was Alex's First Holy Communion, which I already shared about. We had his party in our basement and backyard. After Sunday night, I didn't set foot back down there till Wednesday afternoon.

Alex actually went down to play after school that day, and came running back up to say there was tons of water all over the basement. I expected to go down and see some water backing up out of the drain or something. Oh, no, not even close. There was almost 2 inches of water throughout the entire 1900 sq ft basement! The sump pump went out - the outlet tripped. We got it started and called the insurance. Thankfully, we have water backup coverage, so they sent a cleanup crew Thursday morning. After a couple more mishaps - missed calls and messages, more equipment, sump being unplugged accidentally and additional flooding - the basement is almost completely dry and hopefully only needs a little fixing up. I'm truly grateful we had never put carpet down there.

Friday: Jack and I went grocery shopping, dealt with the cleanup crew for the 2nd time and the insurance claims adjustor and we had Julie's oldest son spend the night. Jason, E, Alex and Jordan all played outside and had a small fire in the BBQ pit. They also shot Alex's bow and arrow and broke a window on the shed! Silly boys. I also had a very important phone call to take care of for my new adventure. More on that soon, hopefully.

Julie and the rest of the boys came over first thing Saturday morning and while we finished up breakfast, poor Jordan shot an arrow at the ground and it bounced up and hurt his eye! Not too badly, thank goodness. Julie and I took the 7 boys to the Detroit Institute of Arts and walked around for a few hours. There were some very interesting pieces of artwork and historical/archaeological pieces too! I think the boys really enjoyed themselves as well as learned something new.

Sunday morning came too early and we didn't make it to Mass, even though we all wanted and planned to. :( I had 4 loads of laundry to do and had to spread it all out day, so I wouldn't trip the circuit breaker. E, Jack and I went to Costco while Alex and Jas worked on his diorama.

Today has proven to be a smooth day and I'm hoping the rest of the week is the same!