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Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013 - Hamer Style ;)

If you follow us over on FaceBook or Twitter, you saw me post earlier this week about a summer bucket list and The Happy Family Movement!

I've been putting ours together with a little input from the boys, Jas and even our cub scouts Fun for the Family book! We have 100 fun things we are planning to do over the summer, starting THIS weekend!

Without further ado:

Our Summer Bucket List 2013 - Hamer Style!
(in no particular order)

  1. Visit Toledo 5/25-5/26
  2. Play charades
  3. Make ice cream sandwiches
  4. Read-a-thon - read aloud book(s) with everybody taking turns (cub scouts 3P) Didn't really take turns reading, but mom read aloud from a chapter book. We never did finish it :(
  5. Cookout with friends
  6. Dance party
  7. Go to Jungle Java
  8. Technology-free day - Boys pick activity for the day
  9. Pajama and movie day with snacks
  10. Catch frogs
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Obstacle course (cub scouts 5L)
  13. Puppet Show
  14. Play cornhole
  15. Money games - Monopoly/PayDay (cub scouts 2K)
  16. Watermelon seed spitting contest
  17. Celebrate the Date (cub scouts 1B) - Moving to a Fall activity :)
  18. Go to the beach
  19. Heritage party (cub scouts 1I) - Fall activity, due to planning :)
  20. Story Creator - write a story by taking turns adding to it (cub scouts 3R)
  21. Tour Morley Candy 
  22. Go to the library weekly - after school is out only made it once so far, but we did get a ton of books :)
  23. Make homemade sorbet 
  24. Go fishing
  25. Catch fireflies
  26. Make "recycled robots" 
  27. Make your own pizzas
  28. Picture scavenger hunt - use pinterest for inspiration on lists/ideas, can be nature, or in a city, even around the house!!
  29. Make - or paint - suncatchers 
  30. Drive in movies - Field of Dreams Drive-in or Ford Drive-In (Find one near you here
  31. Lemonade stand - here's some cute printables 
  32. Have a garage sale
  33. Make tie-dye shirts
  34. J's baptism - hopefully first Sunday in July!! (also satisfies "church visit" cub scouts activity 3B) - moved to later in the year
  35. Water "sponge-bomb" fight 
  36. Try a new restaurant 6/2
  37. Visit River Raisin National Battlefield - check out free National Park days for a park near you! - Fall activity:)
  38. Kids' Workshop at Home Depot June 1st - Lawn Mower Pencil Holder 9am
  39. Kids' workshop Home Depot July 6th - Despicable Me 2 surprise craft! 9am  - missed this one due to a trip to their grandparents :)
  40.  Banana splits/ice cream sundaes 
  41. Play Simon Says
  42. Go to Bay-Rama Fishfly Festival missed this one :(
  43. Nature Honor - grow a small flower/plant (cub scouts 5J) - moving to spring :)
  44. Go apple picking - Fall activity :)
  45. Make chalkboard paint and make individual chalkboards for each boy
  46. Face paint
  47. Go to a Farmer's Market
  48. Go bowling - up to every week!! Check out - 2 free games for each kid, every day at a nearby bowling alley from now till September, plus a family pass available for sale for up to 4 adults (not necessary but if you want to bowl with the kiddos, it's a great deal)! went twice so far but hope to go a time or two more before the end of summer.
  49. Star Wars movie marathon - all 6 may end up taking a few days to complete with littlest.
  50. Family campout in backyard (cub scouts 3D)
  51. Memorial Day parade (and cub scouts potluck after) (cub scouts 3H) 5/27
  52. Make homemade doughnuts 7/7
  53. Backyard Angry Birds - some great inspiration on pinterest
  54. Build a city with blocks
  55. Make sidewalk chalk/paint and draw all over the driveway Never made the chalk but we did have a cool looking driveway ;)
  56. Go to the Detroit Zoo or Toledo Zoo
  57. Visit the DIA
  58. Picnic
  59. "Hamer" family reunion
  60. Hide and Seek
  61. Go to the playground/park 5/27
  62. Treasure Hunt (Geocaching) - tried, but no luck so far
  63. Family Game Day/Night (cub scouts 2F)
  64. Water gun fight
  65. Make S'mores
  66. Play Sardines
  67. Have a bonfire
  68. Go swimming 
  69. Take a hike at Stony Creek Metropark or Wolcott Mill Metropark
  70. Visit Michigan Adventure 
  71. Go to Tons O' Trucks - June 1st 10am-1pm
  72. Watch fireworks
  73. "House upon a rock" - build a sandcastle (cub scouts 1K)
  74. Play mini-golf - Jason took the two older boys :) We did go a second time and Jack enjoyed watching us play.
  75. Go on a bike ride (cub scouts 4a)
  76. Wash the van/truck together ;)
  77. Paint rocks
  78. Star-gazing
  79. Make a butterfly feeder
  80. Watch the sunset
  81. Make a name-book (cub scouts 1o)
  82. Baseball game - Detroit Tigers or Toledo Mud Hens
  83. Ice cream truck
  84. Build a fort
  85. Family restaurant (cub scouts 2d)
  86. Play in the rain
  87. Carriage ride - next summer possibly, with Mackinac Island
  88. Go to Mackinac Island  - moving to next summer possibly, due to constraints
  89. Play a card game
  90. Collect shells
  91. Fudge from Mackinac - next summer with 87 & 88
  92. Neighborhood pixie (cub scouts 4n)
  93. Finger paint
  94. Make cookies
  95. Video game tournament
  96. Make mini-marshmallow guns
  97. Guess who? (not the board game!) (cub scouts 2h)
  98. Make a pool noodle race track and race cars
  99. Pillow fight
  100. Adventure Time marathon 
Pictures to come later of our bucket list "cards", if blogger will let me upload some pictures!

The boys are excited to do this, so even though they have about 3 weeks of school left, we are starting this weekend with 1, 48, and 51. Talk about a great start to a fun summer!