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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A month of Alex - May TBT #3!!

"Driving" a police car at the Fall Fest (2 1/2?)

Face painting at Fall Fest
These are two of my (many, many) favorite pictures of Alex. They were taken at the Fall fest in a suburb of our hometown back in I believe 2007. This was the first day we met our now long-time friends, Sharon, Pat and their 2 older boys. Fast forward 7 years, and instead of 4 boys between our families, we currently have 6, with Sharon expecting another boy in July! Every time we get together, our boys play like it was just yesterday they saw one another. I'm so glad we went to the Fall fest and met up with the mom blogger I'd been introduced to by a mutual friend (whom I still haven't met IRL!! LOL).

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