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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A month of Alex - May TBT #4

First Communion (2013)

Alex and I were just sitting here yesterday and talking about things coming up in the next few weeks. School is out in about 3 weeks (15 school days left, not including today), and we go on vacation just 2 days later - on Father's Day! Memorial Day is Monday, and while there is no school, we have a cub scout event including a parade and picnic. It dawned on him that means his birthday is NEXT Friday.

He finally decided he wants to have a sleepover with 5 of his friends and have pizza and pop. We are going to take the boys bowling - or maybe roller skating. Either one will be fun for all involved. Ethan has asked if he can have a friend spend the night as well, but Jas and I need to discuss this as it's Alex's special day. I'm hoping the weather will be nice Saturday night because Alex is hoping they can have a camp-out in the backyard in the tent (with dad out there for supervision, of course).

I'm planning to give him the choice between yellow cake or brownies for his "cake" and any flavor ice cream he likes - Breyer's has so many choices that are dye-free and HFCS-free, with very few ingredients.

It's been hard to decide each week which pictures to show! I love looking back and see how he's grown and changed.

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