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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

9 years ago

*I started writing this last week, but forgot to publish it! It's a few days late, but I wanted to be sure to share.*

May 26th, 2005. One of my best friends was getting married. I was her matron of honor. I was also pregnant with our second son. As in my due date was 5/28. Jill had the audacity to bribe my unborn child with chocolate!! She promised him the "biggest chocolate candy bar in the world if he'd just stay in till after the wedding"! Well he kept his end of the deal, though I think he's still waiting on that big candy bar ;)

May 29th, 2005. My parents came to visit. I was still pregnant with Alex. It was getting hotter in southern Maryland, and I was slightly uncomfortable completely miserable. (Well, maybe not as miserable as I had been nearly three years earlier in July 2002, when our a/c went out the last week of my pregnancy with Ethan!)

We decided to go to the National Zoo in Washington DC for most of the day, and walk around. Yes, that's a brilliant idea...

In the afternoon, we decided to leave after walking for a few hours. Once in the car, I noticed my hands were swollen and I couldn't make a fist well, and my wedding ring was snug. No biggie, drink some more water. At that point, we sort of got lost in DC on our way home. Then the Braxton-hicks contractions I'd had on and off for a few days, weeks, whatever, seemed to be getting stronger. Yep, definitely feels like early labor, I say to my mom.

My dad teases me, and tells Jason just to head back to the zoo and we can ask a veterinarian to help me out, if we can't make it home in time!! WHAT?!?!

Not cool. Not cool at all, DAD!

Seriously though, the laughter helped and we did make it home not too much later.

I wasn't having regular contractions close enough at that point, so I decided to take a nice warm relaxing bath after E went to bed.

The rest of the night is somewhat a blur, as that's how memories can be, especially for a woman in labor, I suppose. All the details just kind of blend together, time is nonexistent. At some point, I decided it was time for Jason and I to head to the hospital, and check in.

I received an IV, an epidural, and if I remember right, just after the dr checked on me and said to let her know if/when my water broke or I felt it was time, to call for her, my water did break.

May 30, 2005: 12:22 am, Alexander Francis was born and we finally got to meet him and see his sweet face.

Just a few hours old

Daddy, E, and baby Alex

Grandpa O and Alex meeting for the first time (this is one of my favorite pictures!!)

Since the moment he was born, he has delighted us. He's a mischievous, funny, sweet and smart boy. Always willing to lend a hand and care for others.

Always one to keep us on our toes, he was the baby of the family for so many years, a great little brother to Ethan, as well as his friend.

When we found out that we were expecting our 3rd child, to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect when we told the boys. I thought Alex might be upset a bit. He was probably the most excited!

Of course, when we went for my ultrasound, he was hoping for a little sister, and for about 30 seconds, was almost in tears when he heard "it's a boy!".

He warmed up to the idea quickly, realizing he was still going to be a big brother himself.

Since the very first minute he held his baby brother, he has been amazing with him. Alex looks after Jackson, making sure he doesn't get hurt or teaching him new things. He plays with him, even when he doesn't really want to. Sure, Alex gets irritated when his little brother takes his things, or smacks him, or is just "annoying", but he really is a great big brother!

This year Alex is finishing up 4th grade, and is looking forward to his last year of elementary school. He's been on the honor roll all year so far and is on target to be on it for the 3rd trimester as well. He was in the mentor program, helping another student, and just finished his second year of Cub Scouts. Now that he's a Webelos Scout, Alex is looking forward to Boy Scouts in 2 years and wants to become an Eagle Scout like his Grandpa O!!

What a handsome young man he's become.

We love you, Alex. You have made us very proud and we are so blessed to have you as our son. Keep being the amazing person you are. One day, you will make a big impact in someone's life, I can just feel it! :)

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