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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Not a robot

Today, I was having a conversation with the boys in the car. We were discussing Autism, and how it's a spectrum disorder, and that there are some children (some we know even) who are low-functioning, and some like E who are high-functioning.

Then the conversation took a slight turn. Our sons amaze me. Our oldest really made me stop in my tracks tonight.

E: When people say "functioning", it makes me think of robots.

Me, after thinking for a moment: You're right, buddy. It does sound more appropriate for robots, doesn't it? It doesn't sound like a very nice term to use for people, huh?

E: No, it doesn't.

Me: You're right. Thank you. I will try not to use that description again.

I'm so glad he is able to advocate for himself, whether he realizes it or not. This specific case was HUGE!

Just wanted to leave you all with that before I go to bed. My take on his words? It feels degrading to be described as "functioning". What's your take? What do you say, maybe without meaning anything by it, or without really much thought because it's a general term or "medically" recognized term, that may be damaging to others? How can you change that? I know he has me listening a little more to what I'm saying, and how it affects others.

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