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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Menu for 3/1/13 - 3/15/13

So here's what I have planned for dinners for the next two weeks. These are not in any particular order. It will just depend on time, what sound good, and who's cooking ;)

(crossed out meals we've already eaten)

  1. Homemade fish sticks/nuggets, fries, veggie (Friday meal)
  2. Leftovers 
  3. Italian subs, chips and fruit 
  4. Breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs and toast 
  5. Homemade whole wheat pizza pockets
  6. Tacos
  7. Spaghetti surprise (recipe on my personal facebook and I will share on the blog's facebook page too)
  8. Homemade chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, green beans
  9. Meatless spaghetti (Friday meal)
  10. Leftovers
  11. Cheese quesadillas (most likely a Friday meal), veggie
  12. Amazing lentils and kale (could also be a meatless Friday meal, but I'm using homemade chicken stock from the freezer)
  13. Cheeseburger baked potatoes, green beans
  14. "Let's call them swedish meatballs", pasta, corn
  15. Spinach, bacon and provolone stuffed chicken breasts, pasta
14 and 15 are from a cookbook called "Bulk cooking" and 13 is my mom's recipe.

I'm also planning to make blueberry and chia quinoa for breakfast one day, except I'm using vanilla coconut milk instead of soy milk and maple syrup in place of the honey. I'll let you know how it turns out :)