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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring brings lots to do!!!

We've got a busy few weeks ahead of us! Starting with this weekend, Friday is the school carnival, Saturday the boys have their final Catechism class of the year, and Alex has his first Pinewood Derby on Sunday.

Next week, I'm helping out at the school book fair pretty much all week - Monday and Thursday from 8-4 and Tues and Wed from 8-12 - and of course, Jack-Jack will be with me destroying the displays helping the kids all pick out books ;) Then Thursday evening, E and Alex have the school talent show with their friend J. Good Friday starts their Spring break, and Easter Sunday, we may or may not head to Ohio to see family. Not entirely sure what our plans out, so we shall see.

At some point over their break, the older two boys are going to visit Jason's parents for a couple/few days, probably the following weekend. My birthday is also that Saturday (April 6). Since I'm in my sister Heather's wedding - Matron of Honor - and we are still doing all the dress fittings and looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses as well as making the table decor, we decided that weekend is perfect to go down to Columbus. So after Jack's 15 month dr appt., we are driving down (probably dropping E and Alex off at the in-laws that afternoon, on the way) to my parents to pick up my mom and then down to Heather's house till Sunday afternoon. I'm thinking we should go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner as a birthday treat ;)

A week after that is Jason's sister Jorie's wedding. It's in Florida and we aren't going to be able to go. :( It makes me sad that we aren't going. I really, really hope that her and Matt's special day is perfect and they enjoy their day surrounded by everyone who loves them and that they know we are thinking of them.

The following Sunday - April 21st - brings Alex's First Communion. We are having a small celebration with immediate family and a few close family friends - I'm talking like 30-35 people, including the five of us!

Thankfully after that, it's pretty mellow around here for awhile. At least as mellow as it can be with 3 young boys, and a crazy husband ;)

Or if this crazy mama forgets something!!