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Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes, #3 - Music Edition

--- 1 ---
Alex, E and a friend are doing a dance for the school's talent show. They are going to dress up as "pillow people" and dance to Cha Cha Slide by D.J. Casper. If you've ever seen any of the videos of kids or teachers doing "pillow people" on youtube, you know how funny and cute this is. The 3 of them were supposed to start practicing today, but Alex isnt feeling well. He's got a sinus infection. :(

--- 2 ---
I was flipping channels in the car yesterday and ran across a good station. They were playing Pink Floyd "The Wall". Is it just me, or do you sing along, and all the while use that British accent that you don't actually have? LOL. Maybe it really is just me...

--- 3 ---
We also listened to Guns N' Roses, which made me think back to when I was little and my sister Heather liked that kind of music. I did somewhat too when I got a little older (I'm a child of the '80's and 90's so I listened to a little "hair" metal, some heavy metal, some "grunge" - think Nirvana - and NKOTB when they were big the first time around. Joey was my crush, his blue eyes, and he was the youngest, only 16, so being 10/11 it seemed feasible to me, LOL). Anyway, it just made me think of how much changes over time. People's style - clothing, music, hair (!!) - all for the better in this case ;) I wish I could find a good picture of Heather from the late '80's early '90's, maybe even with me to share. I'm 6 years younger than her so we didn't "hang out" much but still. My other sister Linda was a HUGE New Kids fan. I remember she did the nicest thing for me for my 10th birthday. I had a slumber party and she took all of her NKOTB posters and decorated my bedroom with them and other things as a surprise, and my friends all signed one of those huge birthday cards with a picture of the guys on it - I'm talking like 2 feet tall! It was the best birthday party ever as a kid!

--- 4 ---
If I see one more McDonald's commercial with the fish singing, I may lose it. However, I did show my 14 month old the original fish sandwich commercial with the big talking fish. My older two used to laugh so hard at it, and he definitely followed suit with that! He was cracking up! 

--- 5 ---
Alex is learning to play the recorder in music this year. He's got the B-A-G down pretty good. I'm glad he's enjoying music class.  

--- 6 ---
E likes to hum. A lot. I know that it's a "stim", most likely. However, it certainly gets somewhat annoying. I have to remind him to stop. He's getting better. He also likes to sing in the bathroom. It doesn't matter if he's just in there for a minute to wash his hands, or if he's showering. That's actually kind of cute, unless it's after his brother is in bed. Their room shares a wall with the bathroom and he doesn't always remember to keep the volume down. Still though, I do like hearing him sing and he sings the songs at Mass very nicely!
--- 7 ---
I will leave you with this:

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