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Friday, March 22, 2013


This "spring" weather is really getting to me! Granted it's technically only been Spring for, what, 2, 3 days? The thing is though, here in Michigan, we are still getting snow on and off, and it's cold!! I would love to have a really nice birthday in 2 weeks with some warmth. Actually, since we will be about 250 miles South of here, so it very likely will be a little warmer. :)

Regardless, Jason and I have been discussing whether we should consider moving South, like very South. As in Texas. I doubt we will. At least not in the next few weeks or months even. He'd have to apply for a job and get it, we'd have to sell the house or at least put it on the market, and then find a place to rent or buy down there. Plus the boys really don't want to leave behind their school, friends and teachers.

If you had the chance to live anywhere, where would it be?

I've mentioned before how I would love to travel around with the boys and Jason, exploring the states and then the world. I stand by that. First thing, we would definitely head out West and South, probably to the Arizona and New Mexico area and work our way further west to California and zigzag our way back towards the East coast, stopping in OH, MD, SC, FL to see family and friends on the way and finally head up towards New England and go to NY and CT to see more family and friends. Then if were up to me, we'd head over to Europe ;)

Right now, I'd just be happy to head South or West for a mini-vacay and to warm up! :)

It's ok, though. It will be warmer soon. Right? Please tell me that we will hit 50 soon! E and Alex seriously need to be able to go out and ride their bikes and really enjoy the sun without being freezing cold in two minutes time.