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Friday, March 8, 2013

It's certainly been a day so far!

After a very long week of being sick, I finally started feeling a little better last night and slept more. I feel a thousand times better today. Jackson is sick with a double ear infection and a sinus infection though, which would explain why the poor boy couldn't sleep well, nurse well lying down, and didn't want to lie flat in bed :( I honestly had no idea it was so bad. He's had no fever, but a cough for a few days that got worse a couple of days ago and Wednesday night, he started pulling on his left ear so I knew something was up. I love, love, love our pediatrician's office. They always have open slots for last-minute sick visits so we are always able to get in the same day. There are 2 doctors in the practice and they are both sweet ladies who take the time to really listen and talk to you. To be honest, if they would see adults, I would so go to them! LOL. While we were there, I made a point to ask about his thumb and she was equally concerned. She said even though it isn't currently bothering him, she worries that it could become a problem as he gets older and is learning to write. (Even though it already appears he will be right-handed and it's his left thumb. Hey, you never know!) She gave me the phone numbers for 2 pediatric orthopedist (is that right? LOL) and said to see what they would like to do. I'm just happy at 14 months not only is it the first time he's been really sick and need antibiotics, he's also finally hit 20 pounds!!! That's huge because even though we finally came to the conclusion that he's just going to be a small (thin and average/tall) child, he's been either off the growth chart or barely at 5th% so it's nice to see he's gaining more weight. Especially since he's way more active, and learning to walk. He actually took some steps the other night and E recorded it with my phone. :)

E, Alex and their friend have an audition for the talent show Monday at 3:48pm. I've got all the supplies for the pillowcases/costumes, just have to get on them. Also need to have the other little boy (and his family - JULIE!!) come over this weekend to practice.

I thought ahead last night. I decided to use up all the leftover taco meat and beans and made the older two boys tacos and Jack had leftover spaghetti surprise - mama wasn't very hungry, my stomach has been wonky ever since I started getting sick so nothing has been sitting right, so I just had some snack-y stuff, something light - and while I prepped that, I figured I could pack the boys' lunches last night. Since it's Friday and Lent, even thought technically they can have meat until they are 14, I've just kind of made it a habit for them to not eat meat just like myself during Lent. Alex decided he wanted hummus and pita bread - Costco sells a large box of 30 individual servings of Sabra hummus which are perfect for lunch!- and I threw in mandarin oranges, cheddar bunnies and a juice box. E wanted a tuna and cheddar sub, so that was easy, along with some sliced strawberries, tortilla chips and a juice box.

Of course, I took the boys to school and about an hour later, I got a phone call telling me E had thrown up and to come pick him up. I made a quick decision and chose to pull Alex out for the day too. No sense in driving back up there in a few hours with a crabby toddler and sick middle-schooler.

On the way home, we stopped and grabbed a few essentials for the week, plus some ginger ale and crackers for E. Now that we are home, I've been getting nothing but attitude from Alex. I had to sit him down and talk to him. Just because he is home from school today, doesn't mean he can treat me that way, and he can help me out. He's not sick (well at least not with a stomach bug, his sinus infection is almost cleared up) and so he can do his normal chores that I've been letting him slack on. He had to take 2 board games to the basement and empty the dishwasher and you would have thought I told him he had to move a mountain! It was like an impossible task. After we talked, he changed his tune and did what I asked much nicer.

Today is Budget Day (payday) so I get to figure where all our money is going, going, gone. LOL.

Fast forward a couple of hours  - lunchtime - E has not thrown up again, has kept down a bit of ginger ale and says he's hungry, and of course he's laughing and practically running around the house...  not sure if I should actually feed him lunch or make him go back to school, haha. I am a bit leary about giving him anything too heavy though as he did say his belly still hurts a little. :(

Oh yeah, and Jason comes home tonight. Yay! Except for the fact that he got to miss out on all the drama this week, I'll be glad to see him ;) I forgot to mention Jack split his lip, well directly under his lip last night. It didn't bleed to bad and it isn't a very bad cut, but I sure freaked out. I ended up calling the on-call/after hours number for our ped - per my mom's suggestion! - and she reassured me that it sounded pretty minor and just to ice it and watch him closely. Aye, aye, aye. See, I told you he missed all the drama!