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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lenten Photo Challenge, week 2

Sharing my photos again from the Lenten photo challenge on Instagram.

Day 8: Gift

Gift: E's teacher (as well as Alex's teacher) has truly been a gift to our son, and our family. I'm grateful everyday for them both and the school as a whole!

Day 9: Family

Family: This only part of my family. Our nieces and nephews and our sons from my side of our family. Not everyone is here. 3 of our nephews are not in the picture. We also have a beautiful niece on my husband's side of our family. I'm thankful for all these special kids!

Day 10: Something I carry

I don't do it as often anymore in a baby carrier or wrap but he's still in my arms plenty. This is an older picture of me wearing Jack in the Moby Wrap.

Day 11: Witnessing
Ethan and Alex are always playing with and helping to take care of Jack. They truly love him and he loves them too. It's hard to snap a picture with both of these boys not in motion, LOL. Alex is always on the move and Jack is definitely following in his footsteps! I was "witnessing" brotherly love in this picture. :)

Day 12: Charity

This one took me a while, but I found this carton in the boys' room for Habitat for Humanity. They are supposed to collect money to donate.

Day 13: Humanity; Day 14: Alive
The next two days I put two photos together. One I've had for over a year, the ultrasound picture. It's the very first picture I have of Jackson. The other is from just a few days ago. Just as I wrote on Instagram, this IS humanity, and he truly was no less alive the day of that ultrasound than he is today. I really believe that. A baby is a baby, no matter how "big" or how many cells they have. Conception is the beginning of life. What you do with that truth, I suppose, is up to you. But it is the truth.