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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby J's appointment

Today was Baby J's eval for physical therapy. At his 12 month appointment, I filled out an "ages and stages assessment" to rate where he was with all of his gross and fine motor skills, speech, and social skills. He missed passing for gross motor by 1 "point" so his pediatrician referred us to the local ISD for an eval through their early childhood program. We went over there and spent a good hour to hour and 1/2 talking and playing. J is approximately at 11 months developmentally with gross motor skills (he's currently 13 months 1 week) so he's in the right range, and everywhere else he's in the 12-13 month range. So he's fine. But she did notice he uses his right leg to stand up with, to switch position, etc., favoring it over the left. Even to the point of his left leg being a little weaker. Most people favor one side, but to prevent any issues, she gave us some suggestions, some exercises, to do with him to get him to use his left leg more and she figures he'll be walking very soon. She also noted that he curls his toes on that foot and said to try and help him stand flat on it.

I noticed a while back that his left thumb doesn't bend, or rather straighten, at the knuckle so he hyper-extends it where your thumb is attached to your hand. Just as I was about to mention it to the PT and ask her, she noticed it also. She said it probably isn't related to his leg/foot favoring but it still could be a concern and she would definitely bring it up at his 15 month appointment. So I have to remember that, plus he has a small lymph node on the top/ right side of his head that is "enlarged" for lack of a better word. I mentioned it before and the ped said it shouldn't be swollen but lets just keep an eye on it, so in April I will bring it up again.

Oh and his surgery for his testicle isn't until May 28th. So it's a long couple of months till that happens. I'd much rather do it now and just get it over with!