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Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm so mad at myself right now :(

I wrote a big ol' post yesterday about how we were going to have yummy homemade pizza. Then I found E's "book-it" coupon and saw it was expiring yesterday... Needless to say, Jas and I made a quick decision and ordered Pizza Hut pizza rather than make our own. I mean, E did earn that free one, right?

NEVER AGAIN! Not only do I feel bad going off-menu, especially when I have all the stuff here, but I, physically, feel like crap! Head is in a fog, stomach kind of hurts and I just feel off today, kwim? Plus E went to bed with a headache and tummy ache and woke up extra-whiny. I always know when he's had something not good for him, because of how he is in the morning. It's like he doesn't sleep good at all and also if the way I feel is any indicator, then I'm sure that is part of his problem.

I know we all make mistakes, bad choices, etc. I also know this one won't affect tomorrow (hopefully!) but it does affect today. We are the adults, we know better and should have just made the pizza rather go with the convenience of ordering it. E and A would have been happy either way! In fact, E specifically told me he didn't care if we used his coupon. Why didn't I just listen?

I guess I have two choices from here:
  1.  Keep beating myself up about it.
  2. Accept it and move on. Know better, Do better. (<----  seriously, that is becoming a theme, my motto for 2013, apparently!)
I choose to do 2. I think. LOL. So back to (slightly) better eating today. Organic cinnamon crunch cereal (hey at least there's no dyes or icky preservatives) with organic whole milk and a banana for breakfast. Hormel Natural Choice (still hoping to find even better stuff, but it's better than most) ham or salami with organic co-jack or havarti on whole wheat, fruit - their choice, frozen simply gogurt, pretzels and 100% juice for lunch. For snack, they are taking either an apple or a clementine and E gets an extra snack - probably an organic granola bar.

Time to go pack lunches, feed Baby J, and drive the boys to school on this cold morning. I hope everybody out there has a great day!