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Friday, February 8, 2013

Talking more

Baby J loves to play peek-a-boo and just added "boo" to his vocabulary. So now, he says boo and uh-oh consistently, and he babbles a lot. think he said car, blueberry, E's name, and thanks at least once each, and Jas heard hat. He does say mama and dada sometimes, and knows who we are but turns it into a game with us. I'm just glad he's starting to talk. He's also very social, playful, and learning to engage us. He will purposefully try to hide and wait for you to "look" for him and peek out from behind the chair/blanket/whatever. Just last night, he tried to throw the blanket over A's head to get him to play peek-a-boo. He's playing dropsie right now with E (picking up and dropping the remote while saying uh-oh, just so E will pick it up again). Baby J and A will roll a ball back and forth and he tries to throw it too. He was "diving" onto the floor last night. It was so cute. He would be on his knees, put his arms out and lean forward, gently falling toward the floor with intention and kind of catching himself with his face just an inch or so from the floor, chin down, eyes up, and laughing uncontrollably. Then he'd turn a quarter turn and do it all over again. We were all cracking up. Then E was tickling him and he was giggling like crazy. Oh yeah, and he waves and says "hah" for hi. Too cute.