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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Six Ingredient Challenge, Week 1

Six Ingredient Challenge buttonJoin the Six Ingredient Challenge hosted by Hobo Mama and Anktangle!
We're on a six-week path to eat more whole foods, guided by one simple rule: Buy foods with six ingredients or fewer. And we're blogging about our journey on the way.
This week we're answering the question: Why do you want to participate in the Six Ingredient Challenge?
You can see all the responses to this question on February 7 at the link-up post.
To join in the Six Ingredient Challenge anytime during the six weeks, visit the sign-up page for a list of posts and to link up!


I wanted to participate in the Six Ingredient Challenge because I'm trying to learn more about our food. We have already been making changes to our diet by eating healthier and making more informed choices. Sometimes I don't remember to read the labels and just trust (read one of my previous post about that recent mistake, HA!) and so this is a reminder to do just that. Not only am I avoiding the "foods" we are trying to stay away from, but I have a goal to look for, 6 or less ingredients in the items I buy. I bought quite a bit of fresh foods, or items with only 1 ingredient. Blueberries, strawberries, apples, tomatoes, potatoes, jalapenos, sweet peppers, bananas, lettuce, salad mix (2 types of lettuce), milk, whole wheat noodles, and who knows what else that were all 1-2 ingredients. I think I may have messed up a little by buying some cereal, granola bars and crackers (all organic and less ingredients than traditional items, but still more than 6, I'm sure) BUT I am making progress all ready. And that is why I wanted to do this challenge. To move forward. To do better. To be accountable for my actions. I'm excited to share how we fare on this - short - journey towards making better choices! I think that reading about how others are doing and sharing our own experience will make it even better. So thanks for having me :)