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Saturday, February 2, 2013


All three boys were up by 6:30 this morning. It's making for a long morning for this tired mama already. J and I crashed on the recliner couch last night and we were both up and down all night (he wanted to nurse several times). I really shouldn't complain because he did sleep for 6-7 hours in the crib last Saturday and then again for 5 straight hours on Wednesday. I know breastfed babies wake up more often and even though he's almost 13 months, he's still nursing and will still wake up some, if not most nights. Especially if our daytime schedule is off and he takes longer/more naps :) I'm still kind of used to the other two's sleeping schedules. Even when they were babies, they slept most nights, all night long. Even more so after they started drinking formula. Of course, I now know that formula sits heavier, takes longer to digest, etc. and that's not necessarily a good thing. It's biologically normal and good for babies to wake throughout the night to eat. :)

Today is going to be pretty busy. A has a cub scout activity at the local police station. He only has 3 requirements left to earn his Wolf badge! Visit a historical or government location, plan and cook an outdoor meal and finally, read and discuss 3 stories of how people are helping the environment. We get to cross the first off the list today! Jas is taking him to meet his den at 10. Baby J and I have to go to Meijer and Costco for groceries today, since we didn't get out yesterday. I'm thinking since we are all up so early, that after breakfast we will head over to Meijer and then since it's right next door and opens at 9:30, we can go to Costco for meat, bulk cheese and some other stuff. Of course, we won't be home by 10, so E will have to go with me and Baby J. This should be interesting. E is not one that will complacently go to the store, especially for a LONG trip. I don't like having to force him, and I know it's distressing for him, although I'm not sure what is particularly hard for him about it. The crowds, maybe or just all the walking and the fact that it's boring? I think I may have to bribe use incentive to get him to come along without (too much) complaining.

On top of all that, our living room couch, the one I mentioned above, with recliners on each end and a fold-down center section, it's on it's last leg. We've been putting band-aids on it for the last year or two. The one side can't even really be sat on by anyone but the boys because the springs are so bad we have a wooden board and pillow shoved underneath. The side I usually sit on, the recliner mechanism pops loose sometimes and won't open. And finally, the bottom center front piece popped off a couple of weeks ago and now it keeps coming off. Now, mind you, looking at it, it doesn't look so bad. There's no stains or rips, it's still pretty comfortable, but it's losing it's functionality very quickly now. The front came off again this morning and won't go back on, leaving a gaping hole for Baby J to climb in. Can we say unsafe? So I have two throw pillows shoved in the opening. Wow. I'm somewhat glad we have an Art Van store credit card, because even though we don't have cash/regular credit available right now and I hate to use the store card, we should be able to get a new couch for a decent price and hopefully a no-interest for 6 months deal. I just have to use the Dave Ramsey gazelle strategy to pay it off in that time frame. Shouldn't be a big deal, right? LOL.

As I'm sitting here typing, my older munchkins are watching cartoon network and there are some bizarre shows on here. Not on right now, but commercials for them. And, goodness gracious, the crazy amount of ads for candy, toys, movies, online games and McD's. It makes me sad :(