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Friday, February 15, 2013

Menu for Feb 16 - Mar 2

There is some overlap with the old menu but some of the meals are carrying over. I'm changing up my planning a bit too. Instead of being so strict with the daily meals, I'm going to just list breakfast and lunch options for the 2+ weeks and the actual menu for dinners which will be planned out mostly, since we have meatless Fridays during Lent and leftovers every Monday.

I'm dropping the chicken salad even though we didn't eat it. We are carrying over tacos, nachos, homemade fish sticks, and pork chops and fried potatoes. I'm also going to give myself a break from cooking a couple of times ;) So here's what I'm planning:

Breakfast options:
jelly toast with yogurt
eggs and toast
pb toast with fruit
leftover waffles
blueberry muffins and yogurt
sausage gravy and biscuits
eggs and muffins
     Lunch options:
    1.  muffins, cheese, pretzels, carrots w/ranch
    2.  ham and cheese rollups, yogurt, pretzels
    3.  egg salad/tuna sandwiches, fruit, yogurt
    4.  leftover chicken chunks, cheese, grapes, yogurt, pretzels
    5.  oatmeal, fruit
    6.  lunchmeat and cheese sandwich, fruit, yogurt
    7.  tortilla rollups (lunchmeat and cheese), fruit, yogurt
    8.  egg salad/tuna sandwiches, fruit, pretzels
    9.  hummus with tortilla/tuna sandwich, yogurt, fruit
    10.  lunchmeat and cheese sandwich, pretzels, fruit
    11.  leftover spaghetti, yogurt
    12.  oatmeal, fruit
    13.  leftover meatloaf sandwich, fruit, yogurt
    14.  ham/salami and cheese rollups, fruit, yogurt, pretzels
    15.  grilled cheese, tortilla chips, fruit
    16.  peanut butter/sunflower seed butter and jelly, yogurt, fruit
    • Saturday, Feb 16: Tacos (ground beef seasoned with homemade taco seasoning, homemade refried beans, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, cheddar, taco shells and tortillas)
    • Sunday, Feb 17: Eat out - possibly
    • Monday, Feb 18: Pork chops, pan-fried potatoes, green beans
    • Tuesday, Feb 19: Leftovers
    • Wednesday, Feb 20: "Grilled" chicken (seasoned with garlic, sea salt, pepper), mac and cheese, corn
    • Thursday, Feb 21: Nachos with ground beef
    • Friday, Feb 22: Spaghetti and garlic bread
    • Saturday, Feb 23:Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn
    • Sunday, Feb 24: Chicken alfredo with broccoli
    • Monday, Feb 25: Leftovers
    • Tuesday, Feb 26: Breakfast sausage, eggs and toast
    • Wednesday, Feb 27: Cheeseburgers, chips, carrots w/ranch
    • Thursday, Feb 28: Pizza pockets
    • Friday, Mar 1: Homemade fish sticks and fries, salad, corn
    • Saturday, Mar 2: Eat out