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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's in all the little things

I walked outside to start the van this morning and the snow was wiped from the windows. It's there, written in the things he does, not just voiced in those 3 little words we all crave to hear.
It's there when he cleans off the car.
It's there when he shovels the drive so we don't slip and slide.
He shows it by waking me up before he leaves,
Never going without that simple goodbye kiss.
When he washes the dishes,
or cooks dinner after a long day at work,
takes Alex to Cub Scouts even though he's tired,
wrestles with the boys, and tries to console a crying baby, it's there.

Something as simple as "thanks for the good dinner."
Or as complex as wanting to solve my every day problems.
Sometimes, he knows to just listen and commiserate.

It's there when he fixes our cars and keeps them safe,
when he gets up and goes to work each day, even if he may not want to.
It's sacrificing his wants for our needs.

It's there, in all the little things he does, each day. 
He says it without even saying it
And that is only part of why I love him too...

I love you, Jason.