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Monday, November 25, 2013

Change of plans

After thinking long and hard, and talking with Julie, I've made a decision. Yesterday, I had a post that should've went "live" but we had an unexpected outing. Because of that, I didn't finish or share it. I'm putting a hold on the Winter Fun List until it's officially winter.That being said I hope anyone who is interested in doing a winter fun list, whether they decide to link up or not will still start planning it!

December 21st is less than a month away, and the "share your list" linky will be up then. I'm planning to make a separate page with the explanation, and any other info as well as our list. Our list is going up now, and will be tweaked up until the 21st.  I'm hoping Julie over at Learning Life with 3 Sons will co-host the link-up, but we'll see ;) If she does, you will only have to link up in ONE place and it will be shared on both blogs, bringing you more visitors! It may also get more participants too!

Anyway, yesterday started out somewhat rough. My moodiness got the best of me, and everybody was in a bad mood in the morning because of it. After Jason and I scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom (floor, cabinets, dishes, counters, stovetop, other appliances), he took Alex to deliver the popcorn in our neighborhood. It was so bitter cold out, they were only gone a short while. Thankfully they only had 5 houses to go to. They did have to run back out though because they forgot to get money from the one person we didn't collect from at the time they ordered. We all ate a quick lunch before heading out for some last minute fun.

Bass Pro Shops had Santa visiting, a craft, and some other stuff, so we drove out to Great Lakes Crossing. Jason needs some new work boots, and he figured he could at least look while we were there. The older boys made a felt penguin ornament while Jason and Jackson walked around looking at animals. Then they all rode the carousel and soon it was picture time with Santa. Even Ethan got up there and joined in, even after he told me he knows Santa isn't real. He promised not to spoil the fun for his brothers. I was wondering when that time was coming, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Alex also did the target practice.

We spent the next hour or so walking around the mall, and even though Jason didn't find work boots, we did get Alex a new pair of shoes for everyday/play wear. He's definitely growing into his own sense of style! 

Rain Forest Cafe was our next destination, where we enjoyed the atmosphere a bit more than the food. All three of the boys loved the animation of the animals, the thunderstorms and shooting stars above our heads. If you've never been, I recommend it just for the fun of that. The food was ok. E and Alex both got shrimpkens which was popcorn shrimp and dino-shaped chicken nuggets with applesauce for Alex and fries for Ethan. Jackson got chicken nuggets and a banana. Jason got some kind of triple play with shrimp, ribs and steak with fries. I got salmon with hazelnut and frangelico butter, caribbean rice and roasted veggies. Mine was not bad at all, the boys said theirs was good - looked like frozen nuggets to us though - and Jason was disappointed in most of his meal. The food was not worth the bill at the end of the meal, for sure :( Oh well. Even more disappointing was the service. Our server walked past 5 times - Jason counted! - without stopping to ask if we needed anything, when 4 of us were CLEARLY out of drinks! While we should have just flagged her down, she was close enough to notice. Jackson really liked the frog character that was walking around, and took bites of his nuggets to "show the butterfly, tigers and elephants how to eat". Hey, sometimes it takes creativity to get a toddler to actually eat!

Since we got home just in time for showers and bed for the boys, they ran off to do that while Jason stole my laptop and did his psychology homework. Jackson woke up from his cat-nap in the car in a not-so-good mood, so we just cuddled on the couch until he crashed back out. By about 9:30, this mama was ready for a good night's sleep.