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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Below is one of the few pictures I have of my Grandpa O. :( It was taken in April 1981.
(Check out the cool car seat, LOL)
Grandpa O, me (1 week old!) and Grandma O
Heather, me and Linda (my sisters) Dec 1982
From top: Dec 82 with sisters, 1983 (age 2) with my mom, Dec 83 or 84 at Grandpa Gregory's
From top: April 1987 Kindergarten; spring/summer 87 on first 2-wheeler; May 1987
Note the last picture above. I was 6 and my little cousin Martin was 3. This was after my paternal grandfather's funeral. I haven't seen Martin since I was about 8 or 9, I think. We were best buds here :)

Most school pictures ranging from 2nd through 5th I think.
Top left pic above was Christmas at my maternal grandfather's house. Bottom left as around my 12th birthday I think. My sister(s?) had given me a makeover.

July 1995 in NC with mom and nephew Christian
From top: 1995 with nephew Christian; Dec 1998; June 1999 with mom and dad

From Top: 98 or 99; May 2002 at our house; May 2002 in DC
From Top: May 2002 baby shower with Jason's grandma; July 29,2002 with E; First day home with E

From Top: Our happy little family July 2002 (soooo tired, LOL); me and E about 18 months; 2004
May 2005 as MOH for bestie Jill; 2008 (?) with sister Heather on ferry to Put-in-Bay

Next week, if he's cool with it, I have a ton of pics to share of Jason ;) We shall see!