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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Hamer edition

In case your wondering why I use Hamer in some titles, it's a part of our last name, but it's also Jason's nickname. For as long as I can remember, his friends and co-workers have called him this.

In this instance, the title is ABOUT Jason.

We only have a few pictures of Jason as a baby but the ones we have are so cute. ;)

Jason with his mother, Fredna and a cousin (I think)
Jason and his mother :)

Jason and his dad, Joe

First car

Here he was graduating Basic Training or AIT, not sure which. He was so young, and fit! Almost too thin! Crazy!

Jason, Busia (Grandma) H, his brother Jeff - this was after Basic
 I love this next series of pictures because it shows the goofball that he's ALWAYS been!

Even playing pool, you can see the tongue, LOL

Top picture show his ever-elusive smile (when it comes to pictures)
Love this man!

Jason is such a good daddy, love how these pics show his personality!

Jason (the goofy daddy) with Ethan, 3 or 4 mo, and 1yr or so
From top: Jason and E, May 2005; Jason and Alex

Jason at "work", LOL

On the US Ronald Reagan - again being goofy!

On the flight home in 2006? Love the flight helmet ;) selfie, btw. LOL
Love this next picture as it's one of very few with the Kings!
Grandpa and Grandma King, Jason, brother Jeff at their mother Fredna's grave
I always forget how silly Jason can be. I don't know why, because he is that way most of the time. In fact, his goofy, silly take on life, his sense of humor, is one of the biggest reasons I fell in love with him.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my honey's life!