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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Need exciting topics or ideas ;)

Not sure how we managed it but we did.

Jack and I went grocery shopping while the older two boys were at catechism class. I dropped them off at 9 and drove over to the store - about a 10-15 minute drive. I didn't have the menu/list completely set (even though we are using emeals, there are always at least a couple meals we don't like or we need to adjust to our tastes, and then I have to combine breakfast, lunch and dinner items plus snacks and staples like milk on the actual list) so we sat in the car while I finished that and Jack listened to the kids' music. We didn't get in the store until 9:40, got a weeks' (plus some!) worth of groceries and checked out in 1 hour and 2 minutes! NEVER happens!

Pulled up at the school to get them right as class was letting out and we went in and talked to the teachers for a second. Alex is going to do scouting for food next Saturday so neither E nor Alex will be in catechism class next week. I did get an opportunity to find out how both boys are doing. E is "repeating" 6th grade this year, as Jas and I didn't feel he was ready for the commitment needed for Confirmation 1 classes and since he's only 11, it's no big deal. He has the same teacher he had last year, and his teacher said he is doing great and participating nicely! That's so great. Alex's teacher is a high school student and we know her somewhat. She's really nice and said that even though the class is a talkative bunch they are going through the book at a record pace and are over halfway through it. They played a game today for most of class, while learning about the 4 Gospels.

After going home and the boys helping me unload the car and put groceries away, we decided to go to lunch at the pizza buffet... I always forget how my stomach feels after eating there, even when I eat moderately. It's just NOT good for me :(

The boys needed some new clothes and Meijer had some good sales today, so we went shopping and got a bunch of shirts for Jack, some shirts, jammies, sweatpants and jeans each for Alex and Ethan. Since we haven't gone trick-or-treating yet, and the candy was 50% off, we picked up a bag of Reese's pb cups and 2 small bags of mini Snickers. Probably shouldn't have, but it's all good. Moderation. ;)

I need a good topic to write about tomorrow, I feel like I'm boring today... LOL