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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Goals: The "Original" Hamer's list

This post is all about Jason's goals for the year. It took a while (I forgot to ask him for his... but he shared them with us on Sunday night) and now they are all ready to share here.


  1. Get tooth fixed. A few years ago, Jason chipped a tooth while helping his dad move some large tree branches. He actually got a nice knot on the side of his head at the same time if I remember correctly. It was a misfortunate accident where one lifted the branch one way, and the other went the other direction and it bounced back. He's just not been concerned about his tooth really but feels he should stop putting it off in case more damage is being done to his tooth.
  2. Maintain a 3.5 GPA.
  3. Take the summer off from college classes.
  4. Lose 40 lbs by December 31st.
  5. Put 5000 miles on the motorcycle. 
  6. Begin process of getting wrist fixed. He broke his wrist while in the Army about 14 years ago(!) and it didn't heal right. Surgery will be necessary and it's his dominant hand. Since he will have to go through the VA, we say begin process, because we don't know how long it will take to finish the process.
  7. Take at least 4 weeks of vacation from work. This doesn't mean 4 weeks of traveling or anything, just time off of work. He currently has about 8 weeks of vacation time saved.
  8.  Read ONE book, cover to cover, 200 pages or more. His words, not mine. He's not a big reader...
  9. Tattoo on left arm.
  10. Say one nice thing per (family) person per day. After writing this, he added the "family" part and joked that it would be strange if he walked around all day and said random nice things ("I like your hair" "nice shoes", etc) to random people... He seriously had me cracking up. I could almost picture him doing this with me around just to embarrass me ;)
  11. Add roof over front door. The front door and concrete steps to our enclosed porch is open to the elements and when it is cold and wet, there is almost always ice covering the stairs. In the rain, there is no stopping the downpour from the gutter right on your head. He is planning to put an awning type roof over the stairs.
  12. Fix/work on go-kart. It's been sitting in our garage since last summer, and while it runs, it needs some minor repairs.
  13. Change oil in tractor/riding lawn mower.
  14. Fix the mini-van engine. It's ticking. This will wait until the weather is nicer obviously.
  15. Fix the truck ignition. All of a sudden, and randomly, the truck will not start. There's power (lights come on) but it doesn't click or turn over. Usually after a couple of tries and taking the key out and reinserting it, it starts no problem. There is no rhyme or reason, it could be the first start of the day, or after it's been running and he makes a quick stop and then goes to leave. 
  16. Move. I jokingly wrote "to wherever Crystal says", LOL. Not sure what his thoughts are here, yet. 
  17. Cuss/curse a lot less. This is a great goal, for BOTH of us to try and achieve.
I'm hoping to have a nice update written up tomorrow. I'm actually keeping a hard-copy of the goals and our progress in a journal, too, so I don't forget in between posts here.

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