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Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 goals: Part one - Health Goals

*Originally I was going to make this a "once-a-week" series. After these original parts of the series (Parts 1-5), I will write a check-in post every Friday, sharing where we are on our goals. :) *

I am a list-maker. Have been since Jason and I got married. It helps me keep track of what needs done, keeps holiday meals on track, lets me figure out what presents have been purchased, and is a great way to follow-through with my goals.

This year is all about goals! I don't really do New Year's resolutions but the couple of times I did set one I didn't really follow through or it was something I couldn't realistically achieve.
My plan this year is to have lots of little (and some big) goals that we can reach to make some great changes in our lives for 2014 and beyond.

Since this is going to be very long, I'm going to make into a series, or to-be-continued post. While some of these don't really seem like "goals" and may seem like typical things someone does, especially as a parent, it helps me to write them down so I don't forget. Typically, Jason or I will remember the things the boys need, but then forget or put off things that WE need. Sometimes things get delayed and then forgotten. Sometimes, there are just so many things going on that my brain is going a million miles a minute and if I don't remember to write it down, it doesn't get done.

Health goals

Get fit goals

January 3, 2014
  1. Start Hip Hop Abs Deluxe from the beginning and make it all the way through the full 8 weeks on schedule.  I was supposed to start Monday, but am starting today instead due to unforeseen problems and bad planning on my part. I am thinking about skipping Sunday's "rest day" for the next couple of weeks so I can "catch-up". I'm in a challenge group to help keep me accountable for the first four weeks.
  2. Continue to lose weight by first reaching my 1st mini-goal of 10 pounds weight loss. Nearly there, only 0.3 lbs to go!!!
  3. 2nd mini-goal of 20 lbs total weight loss.
  4. 3rd mini-goal of 30 lbs total weight loss.
  5. 4th mini-goal of 40 lbs total weight loss.
  6. Final weight loss goal of a total of 50 lbs bringing my weight to a much healthier 142.5. I refuse to go for an unattainable size 0, 2 or even 4. Hell, I'll be happy to be in a size 10 like I was in high school!! I want to be healthier and having a BMI of 30 and a large waistline is definitely not it. I will probably never have a completely flat stomach and that's okay. I never really did even when I was 125 lbs! 13 years ago, when we got married I weighed 135. My body has carried and birthed 3 babies since then, changing its shape in more ways than just weight gain. My hips are wider, for example. That's okay, too. :) I do know that I am physically stronger this year than I was last year at this time.

Diet/Food-related Goals

  1. Slowly switch our diets back to all or mostly organic. We were previously on mostly organic foods but then tried a new menu plan which caused our grocery bill to increase. We removed most grains, but added more fruits, veggies and meat and with the price and availability of organic (meat, especially) it just wasn't feasible. We had a decision to make and we figured more fresh fruits and vegetables and healthier meats over organics at the time was the best decision. However we have since gone back to eating more grains and a little less meat and are slowly bringing back more organics.  I noticed that I have less stomach problems when we eat organic items.
  2. Cut back on dairy or even go dairy free myself. I went dairy free for 12 days in December for a challenge and not only did I lose 9 pounds, I also felt a lot better. After I went back to eating dairy, not only did my weight loss slow down incredibly, but I started having stomach issues again. For me, this means stomach aches, gas, and major digestive issues. I remember my mom telling me once that as an infant I couldn't have dairy based formula and I was put on soy formula.
  3. Try 2-3 new recipes a month. I hope to have the boys give some input here and possibly learn some simple cooking skills, so this ties in a bit with a later goal I will be sharing.


  1. Find a doctor for Jason and I. Actually, Jason has gone to one and liked him, but I have yet to go in to see anyone in the practice
  2. Go for a checkup. A and E are scheduled for May and July, around their birthdays and Baby J just had his. Jason and I need to still call and schedule.
  3. Take care of a minor but irritating health issue that will require a minor surgery. My minor health issue is a private one that while I have shared details with a few close family members, I do not feel comfortable disclosing the details here. I will say that I do need a minor surgery for which I will be under general anesthesia and there may be some recovery time. Its not serious, although it is definitely a standard of living type of thing. I've put it off for 2 years since finding out the exact problem and learning that anything could be done about it. Having dealt with many, many years of side effects that are from this issue before even knowing the reason behind those side effects, I'd say its time to get it under control. I deserve to be happy and healthy. I was delaying any surgeries until Jackson was completely weaned and it has now been almost 3 weeks since he nursed at all.
  4. Find a new family dentist that is closer to home.The older boys have gone to our current dentist regularly for years. However, their office is closer to our old house and for the last 4 years we've had a bit of a drive to get there. Its not super far but there are plenty closer to us.
  5. Dental cleanings for all family members. Jason and I haven't been for a few years :( Jackson, being just 2, hasn't gone yet but its time. E and Alex are due for their next cleaning, maybe even behind a few months.
  6. Have my wisdom teeth removed. One of my wisdom teeth has come all the way in over the years, as I had a permanent bridge that fell out, leaving a gap for my teeth to shift slightly on that side. Apparently even though they call them permanent, they typically only last around 10 years. I had to have an impounded molar removed when I was in high school and they put in a bridge. One other has started to come in but hasn't started causing me any real problems yet. I figure it would be good to just take care of before that happens
  7. Schedule Jackson's surgery for his thumb (trigger finger, tendon needs released.) We have known about his thumb since last May when he saw the orthopedic surgeon. When they originally called to schedule the surgery, it was less than 1 week after his other one and I couldn't bear to have him put through another so soon. Especially since the orthopedic surgeon said in reality we could even wait a year to have it done, as it shouldn't affect anything at his age and generally isn't painful. He is, however, noticing it more and more, so now is as good a time as any as any.
I know this seems like a lot. This is definitely only part of the list though. Check back tomorrow to see our money and home management goals!