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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hamer-ing through our winter bucket list

We started working on our bucket list last week and got a few things done. Some things Jason did with the boys on Sunday, but I'm not counting them for 2 reasons. One: not all of us joined in (meaning MOM. There was no way I was going out there that day. I think I'm in need of some snowpants...) Two: No pictures! I really want to take pictures of the things we are marking off the list. Ok, so the second reason isn't a really good excuse, but the first is part of the whole reason I wanted to do this. So I would actually get up and do things with the boys, inside OR outside. Starting fresh with that this week, after the wind chill advisory is lifted and we can actually go outside safely.

While the boys did all play in the snow, have a small snowball fight and go sledding (sort of) we are going to do these again, hopefully this weekend. 

Christmas Eve, we played a board game called Labyrinth together. Well, all of us but Jackson, although he certainly tried to help ;)

We had a great opportunity to go down to The Henry Ford last week when Jason took some time off of work. I had taken the boys back in November by myself, but it's been probably 2 years since we went as a family. It was really nice! We saw lots of trains and cars, which Jackson absolutely loved.

They had a neat exhibit for the Avatar IMAX film they are showing and the boys were able to do this neat interactive video activity. 

Props from the movie were on display and there was a computer program where you could design a plant from a combination of different species. While we didn't get any pictures of the props, I really enjoyed seeing this exhibit as did the boys and Jason.

There are tons of different inventions and artifacts from centuries and years past on display and we always enjoy learning something new. The older boys and Jason went into one of the old train cars while Jack and I walked around looking at the outsides of them. Alex made sure to tell me that the ceiling was hand-stenciled with beautiful designs.

I think one of the highlights for Jackson was getting an opportunity to sit in one of the many farm vehicles with mom.

As well as "riding on an airplane" ;)

 Of course, we also had to stop by everybody's favorite spot for a photo op: be a hot dog!

 The following day we crossed off Make Paper Snowflakes!

Jack didn't actually get to help as he's too little to use scissors, but he loves seeing them hung up on the wall.

It was also Jackson's birthday, so we had brownies that Daddy made and frosted, after tacos for dinner.

Some other things we did last week:

Played video games; watched a movie that obviously didn't leave an impression on any of us as we can't seem to remember what it was, LOL; visited with Grandpa Joe on Saturday when he came to visit. None of these, save the movie which I'm not counting, are on our bucket list.

We did start our Saint lessons though. We read some articles on Mary the Mother of God, including about her feast day, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Before reading the articles, we went around the table sharing what we already knew. I really enjoyed this, as I felt all 5 of us learned something new from it. I'm looking forward to continuing this activity.

We are improvising a bit this week. I'll share more on next Monday but we have of course already started this week's activities, especially the faith-based things. Yesterday was Epiphany, but we didn't have our King Cake. I couldn't find a nice, easy recipe I liked yet, and don't have the natural food coloring I need for the icing. We are going to use a vanilla pudding cake from Kroger, with just a little white icing on it, and I am hiding a quarter in it, rather than a plastic baby as is tradition. Next year, we will plan ahead and do a more traditional King Cake! We are going to share it tonight though, since I forgot last night.

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves! Stay warm out there!

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