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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Goals: Part 4 - The little Hamers

*A quick note about these goals. I have asked the boys for their input on these, but they have yet to get back to me. I am writing up some things that Jason and I would like for them to achieve as well as things we know they can achieve. I will add more as they share their own selections. *

  1. Complete Level 2-4 of swimming lessons. Currently enrolled in Level 2 as part of our Winter Fun List activities. We are hoping to "graduate" to the next level and finish Levels 3 and 4 over the spring and summer.
  2. Read 50 books. He will be keeping a list to share with mom and dad.
  3. Start learning a second language, his choice.
  4. Participate in a play. There is a school musical in March, and he has auditioned. We should know something soon.
  5. Learn to cook at least 3 recipes/meals/foods. Considering signing up for a cooking class at the rec center.
  6. Take a video game design class through our rec center.
  7. Make a comic book and share!
  8. Volunteer with mom.
  9. Go to overnight camp.
  10. Go to a school dance. This will be easy as there's one coming up!
  1. Complete Level 1-4 of swimming lesson. Currently enrolled in level 1 but as he has previously taken and was *this.close* to "graduating", they may move him to level 2 (it was in late 2011/early 2012 when he and Ethan took their first classes, so he has had a couple of years of practice in his grandparents pool.) Hoping to finish Levels 2-4 throughout the spring, summer and fall.
  2. Earn his Bear badge for Cub Scouts. He has actually finished all his requirements, we are just waiting now ;)
  3. Become a Webelos Scout.
  4. Earn 5-10 belt loops for Scouts. We just found out last night that as of March 2015, they are discontinuing the belt loop program, so he is hoping to earn a few more before then.
  5. Participate in a play. Same as Ethan, he has auditioned for the school musical and should know in the next few days.
  6.  Read 50 books. He will also keep a list for mom and dad.
  7. Start learning a second language of his choice. He takes Spanish still in school, so he may consider expanding on that using Duolingo.
  8. Learn to cook at least 3 new foods/recipes/meals. Also considering a cooking class at the rec center.
  9.  Practice and master fractions. He can do it but seems to be having a bit of a hard time with them.
  10. Go to overnight Cub Scout camp!
  11. Go to overnight camp with E. 
  1. Potty-training!!! YAY! ;)
  2. Move to his own room. Yes, he's currently still in our room, but in his crib most of the night from bedtime till 3am or later. He's been sleeping better every night, and last night, not even a peep from 8:45pm till 6:15am! Thankfully we have a guest/extra bedroom, we just need to clear out the queen bed and E's desk. I have some ideas on how to rearrange the house to still allow E a "private area" for homework.
  3. Transition from crib to twin/toddler bed. I'd LOVE to get him a car or fire engine bed or even a train!!
  4. Level A and B swimming lessons. This month's sessions for his age groups that are at an open time are full, so he isn't enrolled yet. We are hoping to enroll in March, and continue through the summer. He can't take Level C until he's 3 but then may be able to repeat to keep learning/practicing.
  5. Learn some simple words in German. I chose German for him, because of my own knowledge of the language and ability to teach him some objects, foods, colors, etc. It will truly be simple words, as my skill level, especially for teaching, is beginner/intermediate. Should be fun, though!
  6. Learn colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, brown. Currently working on.
  7. Learn basic shapes. Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Oval, Star, Diamond, Crescent. Somewhat knows most, and is able to actually name them. Can point to correctly most of them, when asked, most of the time.
  8. Learn to count to 10. Currently counts to 2 consistently and occasionally 3 and 4.
  9. Learn his ABC's. He currently knows A-G of the ABC song :)
  10. Spend the night at his grandparent's house. This may be harder for me than him...