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Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Goals: Part 3 - My personal goals

If you have been following this series, I hope that it's been motivating you to reach for your own goals. If you would like to read about our health goals or our money and home management goals, please feel free to go here: Part 1: Health goals and Part 2: Money and Home Management goals.

Personal Goals

  1. Read 50 books this year. I hope to exceed this, but I'm starting low, because I don't always take time to sit and read.
  2. Finish the project I'm knitting, as soon as figure out what it actually is ;)
  3. Learn to crochet. JULIE!!!! lol
  4. Keep practicing my German on Duolingo, getting through the entire series of lessons. There a 72 different sections with anywhere from 1-10 lessons in each section, depending on the topic. I have currently, as of 1/10/14 finished 7 sections, and 1 lesson from section 8. Most of these have been review from my High School German class days, though there have been a few new words.
  5. Learn more Spanish, again using Duolingo. Struggling to get through this, but I am working on it. Again many sections, finished the basics (section 1), but am going through it again to practice.
  6. Take an enrichment class over the Summer.
  7. Step outside my comfort zone and do something I'm afraid of or wouldn't normally do.
  8. Take a photography class.
  9. Refurbish an old piece of furniture.
  10. Repurpose something.
  11. Learn something new.
  12. Write a new blog post 3x a week (at least!) 
  13. Get a tattoo.
  14. Pick one thing off of my Pinterest boards - whether it's a craft, DIY, recipe, decorating idea, cleaning idea - each month and DO IT!!!
  15. Volunteer. Either through our Parish or Diocese, or through some other organization. Considering the volunteer driver program or food pantry our Parish has, soup kitchen in Detroit, or maybe something like Habitat for Humanity.