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Friday, January 25, 2013

Making a difference

I was approached by a friend today about helping her write an article in our school newsletter about food dyes. She has a fantastic idea and since she's experiencing first hand what a difference it can make, she will do a great job with this. I am truly humbled that she asked me to assist her!

I want to make sure to approach this without putting any parents out. I don't want them to feel bad or think they are doing something wrong, cause that's not the case. But I want them to be open minded and think about it. Maybe little Suzie is struggling to focus on that assignment, not because she can't do it or she's bored, but because her brain can't focus due to food dye interfering with it's natural functions. Maybe little Johnny can't stay in his seat, not because he's "hyper" from sugar, but the food dye is affecting his ability to sit still and not fidget so much. Maybe your child has "brain fog" and can't think clearly when it comes to their homework, or they get a lot of headaches but the doctor can't find a medical reason. They won't stop talking or interrupting long enough to listen. Whatever "ADHD" symptom they are having. This is not to say there is no such thing as ADD/ADHD or that medicine is NEVER the answer, but sometimes it's more (or less) of that. Isn't better to remove some unnecessary item from your life, something insignificant, that COULD be causing a problem, and surely doesn't do anything good for our bodies? Why not eat foods that don't have dyes? They really serve no purpose, other than making our food look "pretty". The fact that they are made from petroleum makes me (and hundreds of thousands of other people) think that, how can they be good for you or just be benign ingredients??

It's hard. Your kids will resist. Especially when their friends have fruit roll-ups or blue frosted cupcakes. Or when Grandma and Grandpa say, hey it's just once in a while, or even the inevitable "well you ate it and you're just fine!"

Seriously, that one makes me mad. Am I really? Is my generation seriously just fine? Look at the obesity rates! I'm 65lbs overweight, because I've eaten crap food for too long and not exercised on top of it!! Look at the high incidences of ADD, ADHD, Autism, asthma, cancer, and numerous other diagnoses. Do I think that all/any of those are caused by food dye? I really don't know. Do I think that they are exacerbated by it? YES, YES and a resounding YES!!! I think GMO foods haven't helped either. I think these things not only screw with our brains but our genetics, our fertility and therefore our children! Our parents ate a ton less "crap" food, and their parents, even less. We can NOT keep doing this to ourselves. We have this one life here on Earth, (and God-willing, eternal life with Him in Heaven, because yes I do believe!) and we have to make the most of it. We have to make our kids lives good so they can grow up and be successful and hopefully someday, if they choose, have their own families. How can they do that with out good, real food going in their little bodies and their brains being able to get the right nutrients? We all know if we don't eat a meal or eat too much candy, we don't feel well, maybe a tummy ache or a headache. So why not make the most of those meals we do eat?

Oh yeah, and when your kids resist, remember, you are the parent. You buy the food, you do the cooking. Don't buy junk, don't make it available. Offer something at every meal you know they will eat (but is good for them) and whatever else you planned. That way they have the choice to try something but won't starve if they don't want to or don't like it. Don't make it a battle. There are so many more important things in life, than fighting over food. Offer the good stuff, don't "give in" and keep the crap out of the house!

Just a thought...