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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My kitchen finds

Since I had to go buy dog food today, Jack-Jack and I went to Meijer after dropping the older boys at school. He had fallen asleep, so I had a chance to walk around for a few minutes. I've been looking to add some gadgets to our kitchen for a while now, so when I found two I wanted for such a good deal, I had to have them. ;-)

For the last year, we've had a membership to Costco, and I've been buying bulk cheese, including Parmesan. I just shred it here and Oh My Goodness!! It really does taste better freshly shredded. I purchased some bagged, shredded cheddar a couple of weeks ago, and truly, YUCK! Anyway, I've been trying to grate Parmesan for spaghetti and other things using our 4-sided cheese shredder. Let me tell you, it was not easy to do. I've been wanting one of the nice rotary graters but couldn't find one. I've also gotten away from buying spray oils (Pam, etc) and using olive oil or butter to grease pans. To be honest, it's a pain in the butt because I always use too much olive oil and that stuff isn't terribly expensive but it's not cheap, especially the organic that I try to always get. I've been coveting those refillable oil sprayers, which again I couldn't find locally. They are both on my Amazon wish list but I was waiting.

Today, I happened across BOTH at Meijer!!

The Misto Oil Sprayer was $9.99 and the KitchenAid Rotary Grater was $12.99. Both were less than I've seen on Amazon! (Of course, now that I'm looking again, I do see some that are around the same price, maybe a bit lower, but if you don't have Amazon Prime, most places have shipping so it would be the same or more and you have to wait to get it!)

I'm wanting to start organizing our kitchen a little better and replacing some of the items so I may make this a new Wednesday thing. Each week, I will try to post something about our kitchen, whether it's a new gadget, an item I have that I started using more frequently as we continue on our "real food" journey, or something we've organized/changed.

Comment with something you would like in your kitchen or have done to or bought for your kitchen recently.