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Sunday, January 27, 2013


What is normal? Or maybe, rather, who is normal? Not I! I don't fit neatly into any box. I am not just this, or just that. I try to get along with people. I like people who talk to me like their equal and not lesser than. If you treat my kids the way I would, with respect and authority all in one, I trust you with them and want you and your kids around. If we think along the same lines, in one way or many, if you get my husband's goofy jokes and sarcasm, if you understand my kids' differences and don't think anything of it, you are my kind of people.

I have a hard time relating to people, or maybe it's just that I don't always open up to others? I don't know. It takes me a while to make a new friend. But finally, after 3+ years of living in MI and my oldest son being halfway through his 4th year at his new school, I can say I truly have someone I consider a good friend! It's nice to get along with somebody, that lives nearby and has kids that are similar ages and get along with my boys. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my boys' teachers but because they are their teachers, it's probably crossing some invisible line to call them "friend" (even though, I truly classify at least one a friend and 2 others as acquaintances!). But another mom that Jason and I feel comfortable around, can have over for dinner, sit and talk to and totally lose track of time in the process, that is a rare thing indeed. (I've only ever found that with a few other people in my lifetime - Sharon, Jill and Darla are three of them and they are all still amazing friends!!!)

So thanks again, Julie, for hanging out with my goofy family last night and bringing your boys over to this madhouse!