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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spelling bee

The school spelling bee is today. E made it as the top speller from his 6th grade class so he and the second place student get to go to the school bee. He said he was nervous this morning because we haven't studied. Mind you, this child is off the charts when it comes to spelling. His teacher has him in the hardest spelling group (which I believe are the 8th grade words) and they are actually too easy for him. He's working on the meanings and how to use them in a sentence though, so it's still a great benefit to him.

The top 2 winners from today go on to the charter school bee hosted by the company who runs the boys' school. It's hosted at another of their schools. Last year, they had 2 separate bees, one for grades 3-5 and one for grades 6-8. E went on to that bee and won first place in the 3-5 bee!

The first place winner from today's school bee also gets to go on to the Scripps National Spelling Bee's Regional Bee - sponsored locally by our newspaper. Of course, the winner from that goes to Washington, DC to the Scripps National Bee held yearly in May/June. Last year, Ethan was able to go to the regional bee and made it to the 6th (I believe?) round before he got a word wrong. He was so proud of himself, and so were we.

Not just because he won and moved on. But because he handled losing with tact. His Asperger's can cause him frustration and anxiety. It can cause him to overreact. However, he was very calm and handled it so well.

E was even interviewed by the newspaper and then the local news! He was on TV! Alex and E both thought that was so neat.

Anyway, at 2pm, Jack and I are going to the school to watch the bee, and whether or not E outspells everybody, I will be sure to tell him I love him very much and am proud of him. For everything he does.