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Thursday, January 10, 2013

He did it!

E won the 6-8 grade bee! He's moving on next month to the charter school one. I'm not sure how they figure out the Scripps regional bee but I guess we'll find out?

I had planned to post video from the bee, especially as my munchkin is quite the character. However, it's almost 30 mins long and I need to edit out the beginning before they started. I'd like to take out where the kids say their names and grades, etc. I'd hate to share that without permission. Not even sure if I should share at all since I don't have permission to share the kids' images. Probably not a good idea...
I was thinking I could just try and edit parts of just E but not sure if it would work. Plus I just got this laptop for Christmas and I figured how to add the video but not how to edit videos. :(

Regardless, I think he did wonderful. He was so funny up there. It was down to him and an 8th grade girl (8a) and she misspelled courage. He had to spell that plus one more word. E spelled courage and then won with journey.

His list of  correctly spelled words:

  1. diameter 
  2. solemn 
  3. source 
  4. flourish 
  5. freight 
  6. glacier 
  7. eavesdrop 
  8. tortoise 
  9. community 
  10. proofread
  11. preview 
  12. transfer  (at this point it was just E and the 8th grader)
  13.  outlaw 
  14. observe 
  15. courage 
  16. journey