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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Radio Silence

Sorry for the short blog break! I know I haven't posted in almost a week. Not sure if my 8 FaceBook followers even noticed or cared, LOL. It's not for lack of wanting to write. We have been so busy around here. 

We were very busy Saturday with religious education/catechism for the kids and Sunday we went to see an exotic animal show. Alex started throwing up around midnight Sunday through lunch Monday and I had to pick E up early on Monday due to his cough and extreme crankiness. E went to the dr and has a sinus infection and Alex had a 24 hour bug. Babysat 2 little girls for a couple hours Monday afternoon/evening. Alex had cub scouts Tuesday, and then yesterday, I barely had a minute to myself. I think Jack is trying to end his morning nap. Which stinks. Yesterday, I finally got him to sleep at 12:30 and ended up crashing with him for 2 hours from sheer exhaustion!

Today is starting out a little better. Still no nap (usually he falls asleep on the way home from school and sleeps till about 9:30) but he's having a snack and seems mostly content. BTW, the whole "let's put everything in my mouth and try to eat it and freak mom out" stage is my least favorite baby stage. Lots to do around here today. I have to call the ISD (intermediate school district) about Jack, to see if he needs anything for his gross motor skills, as well as a urologist about his *ahem* undescended testicle. Laundry to fold, budget to do and I need to start planning not 1 but 2 parties soon. Alex is making his First Communion this year, April 21st and Jack will be (finally!) getting baptized soon. I still have to figure out the details on that, but it will be before the start of Lent.

I'm hoping to get some great inspiration from my facebook page as right now, my brain is running on fumes. Usually, though, if I get a good topic or starting point, I can roll with it.

Time to get going on all my to-do list stuff I guess.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention, I made quinoa for a side for dinner last night. Only our second time having it. Jason and I really liked it this time and the older boys at least tried some and Jack seemed to like it a little bit. I also gave Jack some vanilla coconut milk this morning with his snack and he LOVED it! E and Alex tried it yesterday and did NOT like it. Oh well. At least it's a healthy option for one of them ;)