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Friday, January 11, 2013

I am not Super Woman...

and I need to remember that.

This morning, I woke up fully intending to go help make and sell popcorn for the school's Friday fundraiser. All the kids' really look forward to it and there's usually at least two moms there to do it. As I am saying goodbye to Alex, he mentions there was an announcement just a minute before that there would be no popcorn today. The mom in charge apparently wouldn't be there and hadn't called to tell me (or find a fill-in for herself, I guess). After seeing the disappointed look on his face, I went to the office and let the secretary know that I would take care of popcorn alone, no big deal - please don't cancel it.

Jack and I went over and started the process, and another mom (who by the way is an awesome friend!!! You know who you are! and THANK YOU AGAIN for all your help!!!!!) came over for awhile to help until she had to go do her own job in the cafeteria. Again I was on my own and managed to finish with a little help from a couple of teachers helping me carry crates of popcorn. High schoolers helped me for the last 15-30 minutes or so. We ran completely out of popcorn and bags at the very end.

I have to add why I am not Super Woman. While I thoroughly enjoyed the looks on the kids' faces when they got their treat and the thank-yous from students and teachers all around, I left almost 5 hours after starting, having cleaned the popcorn machine and vacuuming the floor (with the world's crappiest vacuum, btw! LOL), with a cranky baby, a horrendous headache, and just a bit stressed, not to mention tired and starving. I love helping at the school. But I need to learn my limits, I think. I can't do everything, be everything, for everybody. I need to slow down a little. But I hate to have the students be disappointed...


Onward and upward. Growing into me... Today this couldn't be more fitting.